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Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra


Concert on the Independence Day 6.12. at 15.00 in Snellman Hall (KULLERVO). Founded in 1972, The Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra (KPKO) is one of the most internationally renowned Finnish orchestras. The artistic director of the Orchestra is violinist Malin Broman. In addition to national composers, close links have been established with Nordic and Baltic composers. In the year 2022 the Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra celebrates its 50th year anniversary.

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Seinäjoki City Orchestra


The musicans of the Seinäjoki City Orchestra (SKOR) consists a string quintet and a wind quintet, so the orchestra's focus is on chamber music. SKOR also regularly performs symphonic music. Our concerts will feature a greater variety of classical orchestral music. Cast aside your preconceptions, throw yourself into the vortex of music and create your own imagination of melodies with SKOR!

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Vaasa City Orchestra


Christmas Concert in the Korsholm Church 14th of December. The Vaasa City Orchestra has 31 musicians. Tomas Djupsjöbacka is the chief conductor and Markus Fagerudd the principal composer of The Vaasa City Orchersta. The orchestra performs regularly at the Vaasa City Hall, located in the centre of Vaasa. In addition to the symphony concerts, the orchestra also performs concerts for entertainment and schoolchildren, as well as concerts combining different types of music.

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Vaasa Opera Choir


Vaasa Opera choir performs concerts and participate in coproductions with Vaasa city Orchestra and Vaasa City Theater. Pohjalaiset-opera (in Finnishc) first performance 14.1.2023. Leevi Madetoja´s opera was first performed in year 1924. The opera still touches people´s hearts of today. 

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Kaustinen Chamber Music Week


New Artistic Director from 2023 is violaplayer Tiila Kangas. In focus during the coming years will be composer Pehr Henrik Nordgren´s (1944-2008) string quartet production. Programme will be launched week 44. 

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Ilmajoki Music Festival


Ilmajoki Music Festival features Finnish opera and great concerts. In the summer of 2023, we can see and experience unic opera based on the story of Armi Ratia. The opera creates a portrait of a strong woman trying to fit into a mould the size of herself. How it turns out, we will see next summer at the opera performances in Ilmajoki!


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Kaskinen Music Summer


Kaskinen Music Summer has been an annual event since 2007 in July. The festival is four to five days long, and during these days there are several chamber music concerts with Finnish and international musicians. The artistic directors of the festival, since 2019, are Anna-Mari Peltonen and Samuli Peltonen. The concerts gather around 600 visitors every year.

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Korsholman Musicfestival


New Artistic Director from 2023 onwards is Jan-Erik Gustafsson, cello. He is planning an exciting programme for old an young listeners! Korsholm Music Festival will continue the process of sustainable development and fill next summer put focus on climate and the seas.   

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Kokkolan SyysKamari


This year Kokkola SyysKamari celebrates its fifth anniversary. We are delighted to be able to invite once again a wonderful group of artists, our good friends, from all over Europe to perform and enjoy making music with us in Kokkola. The programme includes unrealised dreams from the classics of chamber music literature, as well as some surprising new works, including a commissioned piece from Mikko Pellinen, custom-made for the artistic direction.

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